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Sweat Arm Shapers Create a smoother silhouette in the often challenging upper arm area while capturing body heat for more effective workouts. Sweat Arm Shapers combines an exclusive blend of performance compression and polymer fabrics that work together to accelerate your natural body heat and create an intense sauna-like experience. Built to improve recovery and prevent muscle strain, our Sweat Arm Shapers hug your biceps and triceps to create 360 degrees of compression, support, and sweat induction. Lightweight and comfortable, this accessory allows for a full range of motion during workouts, cardio, and daily activities.


Key Features & Benefits

INSTANTLY SHAPES for toned arms

COMPRESSION support for active workouts & daily wear

SAUNA-LIKE experience turns up the heat on every workout

ACCELERATES natural body heat to promote sweat

LIGHTWEIGHT material is flexible and comfortable

Shani's & Beauty Sweat Arm Shapers

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