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Eyelash Extensions Grand Rapids Michigan


Eyelash Extension Types

There are a few techniques and types of lash extensions that result in different looks.


Shani’s & Academy offers three types of eyelash styles, depending on what the client prefers:


  • Classic – A subtle style that adds length to your natural lashes

  • Volume – A more dramatic look that adds depth to your eyes and lash line

  • Hybrid – Combines classic and volume lashes to create the illusion of longer and thicker eyelashes 


Classic eyelash extensions are more natural, while volume and hybrid add an extra thickness to your lash line.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Individual eyelash extensions are semi permanent and meant to last up to 6 weeks. The better you clean your lashes and minimize applying makeup like mascara, the longer they will last.


It is recommended to keep your newly installed lashes dry for at least 24 hours after your eyelash appointment. 


Be careful when you touch your eye, no intense rubbing, pushing down or pulling on your eyelids/lashes. 


Always brush your lashes with a spoolie after the shower, plus in the morning and evening.


Brushing through your lashes may cause fall-out, but that is normal, especially after the shower.


Be careful wetting your eyes when you shower and wash your face. It's helpful to use a washcloth to clean around your eyes and avoid directly wetting your lashes.


If you’re using makeup while you have your extensions in, make sure that you’re cleaning the makeup off as best as possible to avoid lash fall-out and bacteria build-up. 


Try using an oil free remover to avoid damaging your lashes.

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Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

Having an eyelash extension certification ensures that the lash stylist understands how to properly apply extensions to the eye, so the natural lashes are untouched.


When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes.


Individual eyelash extensions should be carefully applied to one natural lash at a time. This allows the natural lash to go through its natural growth cycle, and eventually shed the extension attached to it.


Get your semi permanent lash extensions with a lash expert like us to ensure the best results.

Quality eyelash extensions in Grand Rapids start with Shani's & Academy! 

All full-set appointments must be booked with a deposit that will go toward your final cost. Cancelling your appointment 24 hours prior to your appointment ensures a full refund of your deposit. Cancellations after the 24-hour period result in a no-show fine where your deposit will not be refunded. Lash extension treatment involves applying individual synthetic lashes onto each natural eyelash to add extra length and volume.

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