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Aveda Tulasara Basic Facial

A customized facial based on your skin’s specific needs using the Aveda Tulasara product line. From normal to dry to oily skin, you will experience a personalized treatment. This facial includes two facial masques and your choice of a relaxing massage or a pressure point massage.


Tulasara Facial Treatment

Shani’s & Academy is proud to announce a new service!

The Aveda Tulasara Facial Treatment is an experience that you’ll crave again and again.

Most facials focus on the neck + face while the Aveda Tulasara Facial also focuses on the body. Choose a focus area with high stress points – like your shoulders + neck – and Tulasara Facial Aveda products will melt them away while brightening your complexion.

Reduce Toxins

The toxins that get stuck throughout our skin are difficult to defeat on our own.

The special massaging techniques combined with natural Aveda Tulasara ingredients will drain the toxins from the deep layers in your skin and your pores.

Reducing the toxins in your skin leads to less breakouts, dirt particles and oils that get caught in our pores. Less breakouts also leads to less scarring and skin damage that comes with having pimples, blackouts, cysts and other skin issues.


Custom Facial 

Everyone’s skin is different and requires a unique level of attention and care.

Some individuals have an oily complexion while others have dry or combination skin. Keep in mind that the time of year also affects how dry or moisturized our skin particles are.

During your Tulasara Facial, you’ll receive a customized experience based on your skin-related concerns.

Whether you’re trying to reduce breakouts, minimize your pores, brighten your complexion and more, Shani's Salon will ensure that you’re fully satisfied during your Tulasara Facial Treatment!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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